DS-717 - Claudio Bellini

DS-717 Design: Claudio Bellini [ PDF Version ]

The DS-717 is the unequivocal expression of simplicity of form and unsurpassed functionality melded smoothly in a unique symbiosis of delight. In addition to the chair - with or without armrests - the same series also includes a barstool and lounge chair. All the chairs follow the same idea from Claudio Bellini, based on his understanding of what the precision mechanics of seating demands of design: the ultimate in comfort! The seat shells of the chairs are unalloyed ergonomic perfection - a rousing success for this innovative designer - while the chromium-plated steel tubing is the non-plus-ultra in shape. In the DS-717, seating becomes an act of sensuousness linked with unparalleled comfort. But seating can only be truly good when - in addition to aspects such as technology, material, ergonomics and tactility # it also explores human momentum and incorporates this as well. The work of Claudio Bellini does so in a manner that is unequalled today, thanks to his conviction that design in the final analysis serves but one purpose: to provide matchless quality # and to do so without compromise!


de Sede selects the hides it uses in accordance with the most rigorous quality standards. Only bulls and bullocks raised in the best breeding conditions are deemed good enough for this purpose. DS-Living is a lightly pigmented nappa leather with lightly embossed graining. Between 1.5 and 1.7 mm thick, the leather is extremely hard-wearing, has an easy-care finish and is elegant in appearance.

lightly pigmented nappa leather, 1,5 - 1,7 mm thick

lightly embossed graining

DS-717 specially manufactured to suit your needs.

Every person is different. Everyone has different needs and individual tastes. We take these requirements into consideration in the work we do by handcrafting precisely the piece of furniture that meets your wishes in terms of size, colours and functions. See for yourself. Choose for yourself.

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