DS-1164 - Hugo de Ruiter

DS-1164 Design: Hugo de Ruiter [ PDF Version ]

The new bed collection from the house of de Sede celebrates the rediscovery of divine sleep and thereby redefines that old saying about "making your bed and lying on it". This is thanks to a design principle that follows closely in the footsteps of the DS-164 and DS-165 sofas - both of which already enjoy cult status. The bed-heads can be adjusted to precisely the right position for every occasion: from front to rear, from left to right. This makes it a true premiere in bed design. The DS-1164/1165 models guarantee that any hint of boredom in the bedroom is most definitely a thing of the past. These beds bear eloquent witness to how daring design can play delightfully with sensuality to conjure up unique new vistas for the human imagination. Added to this comes an intriguing choice of shapes. But the practical element has not been forgotten: standardised elements can be used for the slatted frames and mattresses thus allowing customers to choose their beds "inner selves" to suit their own individual requirements. These beds provide the ideal spot for virtually untrammelled dreaming - both by night and by day.


de Sede selects the hides it uses in accordance with the most rigorous quality standards. Only bulls and bullocks raised in the best breeding conditions are deemed good enough for this purpose. DS-Living is a lightly pigmented nappa leather with lightly embossed graining. Between 1.5 and 1.7 mm thick, the leather is extremely hard-wearing, has an easy-care finish and is elegant in appearance.

lightly pigmented nappa leather, 1,5 - 1,7 mm thick

lightly embossed graining

DS-1164 specially manufactured to suit your needs.

Every person is different. Everyone has different needs and individual tastes. We take these requirements into consideration in the work we do by handcrafting precisely the piece of furniture that meets your wishes in terms of size, colours and functions. See for yourself. Choose for yourself.

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